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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Holiday Hamper Program?
    Once the families have been identified by the schools and cross-referenced with the Christmas Bureau, members of the community sign up to adopt a family and become Hamper Elves. In early December, the adopted family information is assigned and distributed – and it's time for the Hamper Elves to go shopping! The Holiday Hamper Committee fundraises throughout the year to provide the turkeys or fish and roasting pans for each hamper, while the Elves provide the gifts and groceries to complete it. Delivery Day happens at least one week prior to December 25.
  • How do I know what type of food to buy?
    Once you have received the confirmation email on in early December, you will know what dietary restrictions your adopted family has (if any). With this information, you can download the grocery list to see all the recommended food items.
  • Do I need to buy gifts for the children? Is there a spending limit?
    Yes, purchasing gifts for the children is required. We ask for a purchase maximum of $20 per child, as all of our families are also serviced through Santa's Anonymous. If you want to purchase more for your family please check out the Welcomed Extras section of the grocery list!
  • When do I deliver my hamper(s)?
    The Holiday Hamper Delivery Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, 2023. Please arrive at the Edmonton Expo Centre at your slotted time.
  • How do I assemble my Hamper(s)?
    After following the grocery list, and purchasing small gifts (and wrapping them) for the children, placing it all in any large containers will do! Boxes, Tupperware, or - after our namesake - Hampers! You will be carrying your hampers to the home of your family, so whatever is best suited for you to do that. Please keep in mind, they can get heavy.
  • What if I cannot adopt a family, but still want to contribute to the program.
    Any support provided will be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to adopt a family, you are encouraged to Donate to the program. Every $40 buys a turkey for a family in need!
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