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DECEMBER 16, 2023

Delivery Day,
December 16, 2023

For the last three years, we were all forced to adapt, but that didn’t affect the generosity and commitment of our Elves. With your help, we can do it again! In the 2023 Holiday Hamper Program you can expect a drive-thru experience at the Edmonton Expo Centre. We are working very hard to ensure that you, along with 1000+ fellow Elves can once again, move safely and efficiently through our delivery day.

Check out what this delivery day looks like and hear what our Elves have to say about their experience. Watch the video now!

At the Expo

1. Expect Staggered Registration Times

We will assign you a specific window of time to come to the Expo Centre to check-in, pick up your additional items, receive your family address, and deliver your hamper.

4. You Make the Delivery

All elves are expected to deliver their own hamper. It's the best part! We will not be providing volunteer drivers for delivery.

2. Mobile Phone Required

You must have a mobile phone that has access to the same email address that you used to register as an elf.

5. Have a Back Up

We're sure everyone is used to this by now, but we will say it anyway. You cannot come to the Expo Centre or handle the hamper in any way if you are feeling unwell. Please have a back-up delivery driver in the event you are ill.

3. Drive-Thru Pick-Up

Over the last 3 years, we have perfected the curb-side pick-up! Simply come to the expo during your pre-determined time slot, pickup your turkey and fresh veg, get the address of your family(ies), and be on your merry way.

Expo Centre drive-thru map and delivery day checklist.


Preparing Your Hamper


Review the grocery list, and purchase all items as per your family size. 


Gifts for the Children

Purchase small ($20) gifts for each child in your family. Label and wrap.


Proper Hand Hygiene

Ensure that anyone who is handling hamper items  has completed proper hand hygiene procedures.


Multiple Drivers

If you are part of a group that will have multiple drivers coming to the Expo Centre, email us prior to December 12.

Additional drivers must be identified BEFORE December 11th.

  • Name, mobile number, and email address of all drivers

  • Which families, identified by the family ID number, each driver is responsible for.

  • Email:

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