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The Holiday Hamper Program, with the help of our friend Dietitian, Emily Mardell of GetJoyfull  and generous Alberta farmers, is determined to do more than solve a short-term holiday food problem. Our goal is to inspire and support food security, and healthy eating, all year long!

Healthy Hampers is a grassroots initiative that strives to ensure every adopted JCI Holiday Hamper family receives an extra “Farmers’ Bundle” of fresh, locally-grown vegetables, pulses and/or whole grains. All thanks to bountiful donations by Alberta farmers like Kuhlmann’s Greenhouse, Sunfresh Farms, Doef’s Greenhouse, Edmonton Potato Growers, Rivervalley Produce, and several others.

The Healthy Hampers Initiative

This extra bundle of hearty, fresh items not only boosts the nutritional value of every Holiday Hamper, but it ensures dignity is in the centerpiece of every holiday table. We want all our families to feel good about the food they receive and to be empowered to cook & create holiday meals that most reflect their family’s food values, traditions and preferences.

We also hope this web page serves as a hub for great resources & recipes that help everyone stretch food dollars, and eat nutritiously and enjoyably on a budget.

The JCI family believes healthy food is a right, not a privilege. We believe in food for all and in a world where everyone is part of a healthy, connected and joyful community.

“From farm to plate, thank you EVERYONE, for making the Healthy Hampers initiative possible. Together, we can and do make a difference! Let’s keep it up!” - Healthy Hampers founder, Dietitian Emily Mardell.

Health Hampers

The joy of brightening the lives of others, easing one another’s burdens and helping to fill hurting hearts, is for us at Sunfresh Farms the true magic of Christmas.


From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


Brian Ferchoff, General Manager

Sunfresh Farms LTD.

Sustainability in Food

In all communities, some families wonder if there is enough food for dinner or for the next day. These families worry about providing their children with enough food to grow up strong and healthy. Poor nutrition, especially in childhood, has effects that can last a lifetime.


Food Insecurity can:

  • Harm our communities and lead to community breakdown.

  • Lead to the feeling that our community is not a safe, healthy, or a comfortable place to live.


In a healthy community, people can:

  • Earn a living and get the food they need.

  • Get the foods they like and want to eat.

  • Feel connected to each other and like they are part of the community.


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