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Christmas Dinner




Helpful resources to stretch food dollars, inspire hearty family meals, and connect anyone and everyone to the community food services needed most. by Dietitians of Canada


Helpful information on nutrition, food and general healthy eating, as well as recipes, videos, and online tools. Browse hundreds of topics from A-Z.


Be sure to check out useful resources on:


Budgeting: 20 Ways to Save Money on Groceries All About Beans


Cooking: How to Make a Healthy Soup Quick & Easy Snack Ideas


Shopping: Healthy Shopping Tips Best Buys at the Grocery Store


Menu Planning: 10 Tips for Planning Meals on a Budget My Menu Planner


Resource of the MonthSafe Food Handling: Turkey Edition

Our Favourite Recipes

There is no one right way to eat healthy. Your healthy eating pattern may vary from someone else's, as it is influenced by the food that is available, appropriate, accessible, and affordable for you!


Holiday Hampers contain a variety of perishable and non-perishable food items. Some of which may be familiar to you, while others, less so. Whether you’re cooking with lentils weekly and just want some new recipe ideas, feeling uncertain about how to use canned fish in a kid-friendly recipe, or roasting a whole Turkey for the first time—we got you covered!


Tried & true recipes, food safety tips and helpful cooking advice is just a click away!


Check out these amazing recipe sites, many of whom are supporting partners and friends of the Holiday Hamper Program, and Healthy Hampers Initiative!

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